“Welcome to your Tape”

A familiar line to thousands of young people as of recent thanks to Netflix’s popular 13 Reasons Why.

I’ve seen the social media posts surrounding the controversial issues with this show, that it may or may not encourage reckless behaviour in youth. As you become absorbed in Hannah’s life you start to feel her emotions, the teenage angst of life and how every action has a reaction.

But having survived High School myself, what I realised is; We are all Hannah. (Well not everyone, some are a Justin or a Jessica. But those reading this post quietly interested in someones point of view, yes you, are more than likely a Hannah)

What I mean by this is Hannah’s life experience is the extreme but all of us can relate to it in some way.

High School is a harsh time in life. Every little thing seems to mean EVERYTHING, school is all you know.

Maybe it was just me, maybe it wasn’t, but if you weren’t a Justin. You were an outsider.

The hierarchy of school was all you knew and honestly at that young age you thought that was how the world worked. If you weren’t pretty and popular, your mum didn’t chip in as much with Parent Teachers Association – you were a nobody, to the teachers and other students.

This everyday play of school life leaves you, Hannah, a target. The teachers don’t listen, the other students say nothing in a hope the attention doesn’t default to them and the world keeps spinning as you keep thinking, this is life, this is simply how it works.  I am literally not cared about.

But to anyone in that position right now.

Here’s the thing; The minute you leave high school, you enter the real world and in the real world there’s 100 Justins, 100 Jessicas, 100 Courtneys and 100 Hannahs (Yes there’s more you!) Truth be told they didn’t even realise this and with being so overwhelmed they aren’t special anymore they tend to back down a step. Peoples parents hold no power in the real world, your mum and dad don’t even hold power over you and the world is what you make it – not what school made it.

I spent my entire school life with no detentions, doing all my assignments and honestly no backbone and do I regret it? Yes. They say school is to build you for the future but honestly asking for the toliet? Not chewing gum or wearing heavy make up? A uniform? Things like this are not the real world.

So hold your head high little Hannah like person. This warped sense of a false reality is a blip in time for the beginning of the rest of your life, it’s temporary so don’t even for a second consider a permanent solution for a temporary problem.

Simple as. Now go back to watching Netflix and enjoy.

Much love to my fellow ‘different’ ones,





3 thoughts on “Welcome to your Tape

  1. The teachers told me be different we are all individuals, when I was different I got punished by teachers and bullied by my “piers”. I continued to be “different” (myself really) and for that ive always been an outsider. I love being an outsider, but not everyone finds it to be so easy. Love piece harry, I hope it helps others to be strong and keep going. I liked the importance of being a wall flower bit backv n my day it was the dead poets society.


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